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Keeping your car’s paintwork in good condition is important not just for maintaining its aesthetic appeal but also for protecting it against rust and other types of damage. So, if you notice any problem with your automotive paint, have it checked right away by trusted experts like Mazy Magic Touch. I’m based in Beaverton, OR, and I provide top-tier auto painting services as well as other dependable solutions. Schedule an appointment with me now!

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Automotive Paint Touchup

Automotive Paint Touchup

A lot of relatively minor automotive paint issues (such as small dents, chips, and scratches) can be easily fixed through professionally done touchups. Don't worry since you can always rely on me for quality automotive paint touchup services.
Automotive Airbrushing

Automotive Airbrushing

This is one of the best methods to use for car paint touchups since it allows experts to deliver quality results and complete projects within the ideal time frame. Know more about the automotive airbrushing process by reaching out to me today.
Automotive Scratch Removal

Automotive Scratch Removal

Even the tiniest car scratch can worsen as time goes by and expose the vehicle to the risk of rust and corrosion. So, to protect your car from damage, always watch out for paintwork scratches and have them removed by dependable experts ASAP.
Wheel Rim Buffing

Wheel Rim Buffing

Dirt, mud, road salt, and various debris can accumulate in car wheel rims over time, and they can have a corrosive effective on the rims and put them at risk for damage. Fortunately, you can keep damage at bay by using my wheel rim buffing service.
Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration

Headlights can get yellowed and cloudy as they age, and this can affect their brightness, appearance, and overall performance. The good news is that most worn-out headlights can be brought back to good condition through professional restoration.
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Why Should You Hire Automotive Painting Experts?

It can be tempting to fix damaged car paint on your own, but it’s not really advisable unless you have the training and experience to tackle the task and do a great job. So, instead of trying to do the job on your own, consider hiring trusted experts like me. By using my car paint repair services and other solutions, you can breathe new life into your vehicle and restore its aesthetic appeal — without having to lift a finger and deal with the hassles of DIY work.

  • Automotive Paint Touchup
  • Automotive Airbrushing
  • Automotive Scratch Removal
  • Wheel Rim Buffing
  • Headlight Restoration
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Modern Automotive Painting Techniques and Tools

At Mazy Magic Touch, I use advanced methods to update cars according to industry standards and provide top-notch automotive touch up paint solutions to car owners. I also use specialized tools that make car painting and other tasks much easier to tackle and allow us to finish each project quickly and efficiently. Through these modern methods and tools, I can create exceptional results for my customers and exceed all of their expectations.

The Areas That I Serve

Although I’m primarily based in Beaverton, OR, I don’t just focus on helping car owners within the area. I also offer my professional auto body repair solutions and other dependable services to customers in the surrounding communities, such as:

  • Garden Home-Whitford, OR
  • Sherwood, OR
  • Canby, OR
  • Cornelius, OR
  • Gladstone, OR

Mazy Magic Touch is the right expert to call if you’re looking for top-tier auto scratch remover services and other quality solutions in Beaverton, OR. Get in touch with me now!

Customers Speak
by Tristan M. on Mazy Magic Touch
5 Star Services

My car is several years old and has gone through a lot, so it wasn't really surprising that it had many scratches. Thankfully, he came to the rescue with his auto scratch remover service! My car is virtually scratch-free now because of his work.

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